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Our Stock

This is a short introduction to our stock
Newspapers & Magazines
We handle all the major Local & National and can usually guarantee stocks until at least Mid-day. We carry a large stock of Magazines both Weeklies & Monthlies from the usual to the unusual.
Greetings Cards
Our Greetings Cards are unfortunately due to the lack of space are mostly Happy Birthday & Blank with a section for the more popular named cards.
Chemist Section
A selection of the most popular items you would expect a Chemist to sell with the exception of Prescribed Medicines.
Wide range of Counter Sweets, Bagged Sweets, Boxes of Chocolates, Crisps, Nuts, etc.
Convenience Foods
Freezer Cabinets for Complete Meals to packets of Peas, Mince etc. Chiller Cabinets for Fresh Milk, Bacon, Sausages, Eggs, Pies, Pizzas etc. Canned Goods, Sauces etc in fact so many it would take up too much space to compile a list.
Fresh Fruit & Vegetables
Fresh in season, but please do not expect the unusal. Organic when we can get hold of it.
Soft Drinks
Large range of Cans, Bottles, Fruit Juices etc.
Wines, Beers, Spirits, Ciders etc. Large Chiller Cabinets for Wines & Beers. Over 100 different Wines from around the World & 40 different Beers etc
Cigarettes & Tobacco
Large stock of Cigarettes, Rolling Tobacco, Rizlas etc, etc.